Rupam Dutta

@》 Address - Debogram,Nadia.

@ Interest - music,guitar,all

@》 Description - The godown of talents.When he sings its like continued to hear him.

@》 whatapp no.- 7363852145

Milan Bag

Address - Jahannagar,purba burdwan.

Interest- Friendship,physics ,mobile.

Description - very friendly, king of beautiful hand writing.

Whatsapp no.- 7718516084

Surajit Basak

0》Address - samudragarh,purba burdwan.

0》Interest - physics,government service.

0》Description - He should be known as the slient boy.He doent know how becomes angry

0》 whatapp no.- +918101196623

Mohibul Sk(MS)

Address - Nadanghat,Burdwan.

☆ Geo coordinate - 23°22'31.5"N 88°14'27.0"E

Interest - computer,physics,In dancing

Descriprion - He is completely mad one,unsteady but little bit brilliant.He can smile a crying man.Accroding to him " Everyone comes in your life to play a role,after playing the role perfectly,they choose their way to leave".

whatsapp no.- 7699574113

Jamsed Sheikh

$》Address - krishnanagar,nadia.

$》Interest - physics,reading,Football Game

$》Decription - Another mixture of cleverness and talents.Always use his cleverness to improve his talents.

$》whatsapp no.- +919609742231

Amit Hazra

Address - Gourangya koloni,nadia.

Interest - Physics,photo editing.

Description - He should be known as the master of photo editing. His remarkable photo editing on super hero.He sould be a super hero from his birth.

whatsapp no. - +91 90027 79936

Sayan Khamariya

}} Address - Krishnanagar,nadia.

}} Interest - physics ,music,guitar

}} Description - He is a Bindass boy. Die hard fan of A Be Divilers(South African skeeper)He likes the songs sang by shilajit and rupam islam,too much."petuk admi  he re vai.

}} whatapp no.-  +91 83438 92919

Sukanto Mondal

♧》Address - Nichu Chapahati,Nimtala,Burdwan.

♧》Interest - Physics, to solve with logic.

♧》Description - He is one of those guys who can explain everything logically with a combind (scientist+philosopher+literateur) mind.Good example of excellent student.

♧》Contact - 7001027501

Biswajit Kha

>》Address - Maheshganj,Nadia.

>》Interest - Physics,reading.

>》Description - He is a very attentive student.His concentration is not bad.He is also joyfull.

>》Contact - 9609011863

Arnav Pal

×》Address - Nabadwip,Nadia.

×》Interest - Physics,computer game.

×》Description - He is a serious one.His smile is so small.very good student with controled mind.

×》Contact - 7872128597

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